We care deeply about your Holy Land experience and understand that for many people a visit to the Holy Land is the realization of a lifetime dream. If you are looking to join a fun, committed and inspiring team of travel experts, we are a truly local and international team travel dedicate our knowledge to perfecting your Holy Land tour.


Why Choose Us?

Traveling means more than improving your overall health, enhance your creativity, or take time out from your daily tasks and everyday pressures. There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places. The list includes meeting new people, new experience, and new stories. When you start exploring new places, you get a better understanding of the people living there, including their culture, history and background.


In this land lie the ruins of the world’s oldest civilizations. Its strategic location, at the junction of Africa, Asia and Europe, made it a corridor between East and West — and a much-trampled prize for conquering armies.


It is a place of perpetual tension, It is a very complicated place, packs in ancient history and cutting-edge technology; deep spirituality & intense hedonism; bustling cities & sandy beaches; rolling green hills & awe-inspiring desert.


We are a Local “On-Sites”

Being based in the Holy Land and Jordan, living and traveling there, we aim to provide a competitive advantage to travel advisors. We intimately know the countries. We know what’s going on in and around both countries. We want to share our knowledge with you.


Our Exceptional Level of Care

First of all, we make it our business to be up to date on “new normal” health and safety measures that will keep travelers safe and enable them to enjoy their experience with peace of mind. Secondly, our mission is to enable travelers to visit and see this amazing country in a life-changing experience and help them cross through the borders between both countries. Most importantly, our goal is to develop a relationship with you by earning your trust and building your confidence in traveling through Israel.


We Know & Loves these countries

Our team brings kaleidoscopic perspectives to our work. This enables us to “tell the story of these countries” through different lenses. No matter how diverse the interests of the people who travel with us, we consistently provide an exceptional visitor experience for all. We love the countries, the people their hospital cultures, the food, all the stunning historical, cultural and natural sites.

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